Serengeti's pleasing climate and overflowing wildlife make certain that it is an outstanding year-round game viewing destination, and of course the great wildebeest migration attracts most attention. Between November and August the herds are in constant move in the Serengeti, providing travelers with the continent's most stunning game sightings and predator-prey interactions - guided game drives and hot-air balloon safaris enable you to see this eventful scene first hand.
The Serengeti's distinctive setting will resonate with travelers on their first trip to Africa as well as old safari hands. Its endless grasslands give a sense of space and soul stirring feeling. Supporting hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra as well as buffalo, elephant, giraffe and many gazelle and antelope species; Maasai tribesmen watch their grazing cattle cautiously - the Serengeti is a big cat - and a photographer's – paradise
If you want to see Africa's wildlife at its most lack in restraint, a safari in the Serengeti is hard to beat. Not only home to the world's greatest concentration of wildlife but also its most spectacular natural migration, the Serengeti National Park is Tanzania's most important conservation area and must-do focus of attention of the Northern Safari Circuit.