Typically when one envisions Africa, tropical coasts do not come in mind. But the spicy islands of Zanzibar and the inviting history of the Tanzanian coast should not be missed. The coast of Tanzania is considered to be the most culturally rich and authentically Swahili area of the country. Tanga, Pangani, and Bagamoyo are three historical towns that are scattered up the northeasterly shore. These destinations are most noted for their ancient ruins, slave trade history, island adventures, caves, hot springs, riverboat trips and walking tours. Zanzibar, just off the coast of the mainland, is a true tropical paradise with a name that is legendary throughout the world. Made up of two major islands and several small inlets, it offers a range of atmospheres and destinations. Some of its best sites include: historic stone town, quiet beach resorts, eclectic spice fields, coral parks, slave chambers, dolphin viewing, Persian baths, ancient ruins, party beaches and forest reserves. Just below Zanzibar is another string of Tanzanian islands, Mafia, known for its secluded beaches and innocuous locals. It is thus a truly relaxing destination in every respect. It has an interesting assortment of wildlife, from hippos to flying foxes, as well as beautiful reefs and marine life. Saadani National Park is the only east African wildlife sanctuary on the coast of the Indian Ocean. It offers game drives and bush walks while still encompassing a tropical beach environment.