Highlights and Activities

Imagine yourself in the African wilderness. What would be the ideal setting and event? Would it include seeking out rare animals of the night? Or could it possibly be hiking a great mountain to proudly look over rustic plains below? Perhaps for a nonstandard African excursion, explore turquoise waters or take a dhow boat ride? From classic African experiences to the unexpected, you will find great adventures here in Tanzania.

Night game drives – Certain locations are well known for the creatures that come out abundantly at night. Because cats are nocturnal, a night drive is opportunistic for seeing leopards and cheetah. Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Park are the two finest spots in Tanzania for such journeys. It is an exceptional opportunity to supplement your safari with observing the creatures of the night and should not be missed.

Chimpanzee Trekking – To stand among and walk with group of chimpanzees is an unbelievable experience. Why not give yourself this gift while visiting the African continent. Nowhere in Africa or the world is there a greater opportunity to encounter chimps so intimately as you will at Gombe Stream and Mahale Mountain national parks. In fact, Gombe Stream National Park was the primary location for Jane Goodall’s most extensive chimpanzee research projects. Considered by many to be the place for the best chimpanzee trekking in the world, Tanzania is exceptionally unique in this respect.

Snorkeling on the Coasts – Crystal clear turquoise waters and white sand beaches commonly harbor magnificent aquatic life, so the spectacle within the waters of Zanzibar and the Tanzanian coast must hold quite a marvel. And they do. Diving and snorkeling in these waters is advantageous for seeing numerous species of reef fish along with dolphins, turtles, starfish and even the occasional giant coconut crab, a rare nocturnal creature. So, if the coast is on your safari agenda, consider adding this extraordinary exploit.

Camel Ride Safari – Ponder wandering between two mountains via camel back and feeling a part of the surrounding natural environment. Camel treks are available for short or extended trips and are wonderful for bird watching while enjoying the passing game animals. This is a great way to commence or conclude your journey, as the best camel rides are based near Arusha, the starting and ending point for most safaris.

Mountain climbingMt. Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest mountain and also considered to be the world’s largest single mountain, although there are mountain peaks on other continents that stand taller. But the substantial diameter of ‘Kili’ gives it an astonishing mass, making it a relatively easy climb, as it is not too steep. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Mt. Kili is that is requires no special climbing skill or experience to ascend. All climbers should be in good health and can expect to reach the summit in about 4 days time. For many visitors to Tanzania, conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro is a must due to its great status.

Gorilla trekking – There are very few places in the world where one can witness gorilla in their natural environment. Tanzania is auspiciously located close to some of the best gorilla areas, as it borders both Rwanda and Uganda. Combining gorilla trekking with the chimpanzees in western Tanzania is the perfect fit for primate enthusiasts. Adding Uganda or Rwanda is also great for those who prefer to visit several countries on one trip for a well-rounded safari.

Weddings and honeymoons – Everyone wants their wedding experience to be unforgettable. If you are looking for a prime location for your ceremony, reception, honeymoon, or all three, Africa provides an unmatchable setting. Whether your preference is quintessential tropics or archetypal African surroundings, Tanzania’s richly diverse locations will not disappoint. From luxury accommodation to specially catered food and services, it is all here waiting for you and yours.